Threaded & Stemmed FOBs

- Change kegs without wasting beer as froth

- Prevent the build up of CO2/N2 in the beer  line

- Full beer lines inhibit the growth of bacteria

- Pour a drinkable, profitable glass of beer every  time

- Achieve more profit from every keg

- Manufactured from food industry approved stainless steel

- No wearing parts means longer useful life

- Self-sealing vent valve

- Lifetime product replacement guaranteed 

- Easily cleaned
Threaded (FEX08) & Stemmed   (FEX02) models shown to the left
Automatic Keg Changeover System

- The automatic Keg Changeover system is the innovative way to change kegs.

- Empty Kegs can be changed at peak times automatically to keep the beer system continuously dispensing.

- Stainless steel Fob's and a smart control box will give you an economical way to change kegs.

- Smaller Keg's can be used in cases where space (and heavy lifting) is at a premium.
4 Product Tapping Hardware Panel

2 Product Tapping Hardware Panel
Core Components
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