FOB Instructions

1) When the keg is empty disconnect the keg coupler and connect it to a full keg.

2) Push Vent Mechanism on top of FOB until Sight Glass is full of beer and no bubbles appear in the Sight Glass or in the jumper lines.
3) Rotate Float Lifter on the FOB base into the RED (By Pass) area to lift the Float and then rotate back into the GREEN area.
*Taking these Steps Out Of Order will result in foamy beer!

Beer Line Cleaning Procedure:

During periodic cleaning of beer lines rotate Float Lifter into the RED area for By Pass. Hold the Vent Mechanism down to allow the cleaning solution to flow through the Vent Mechanism and the drain line. Upon completion of the line cleaning assure FOB has been filled with fresh beer with no bubbles appearing in the Sight Glass or jumper lines. Rotate Float Lifter on FOB to GREEN to allow beer to dispense. Clean exterior with warm water and damp cloth.
Automatic Keg Changeover Instructions

1) Connect 3/8 beer line into sensor housing (below fob).
Left side Line (keg) 1        Right side Line (keg) 2 
2) Use elbow and tee to connect to out line.
3) Connect AC transformer to black cable supplied. Transformer should be fitted in a safe area in line with local regulations.
4) Power up and switch on control box.
5) Open coupler on both kegs and vent both fobs until fully vented.
6) Select Line 1 button on control box and the system is ready to go.  Green light on. Line 2 Green light will flash (Keg in stand). 
7) When keg 1 is empty it will switch automatically over to keg 2.  You will see Line 1 (RED) is on and the sensor light is also Red. You can run the second keg empty or else replace the first keg while still using the second keg. Replace empty keg with full keg and vent fob until fully vented. The sensor light will turn Green and the line is on standby.
8) Press clean button for 3 to 5 seconds until both Line 1 and Line 2’s green lights flash. Turn lever on fob into red area. System is now ready to clean, wash and rinse. When finished press clean button for 3 to 5 seconds until green lights stop flashing and select line 1 or 2. Turn lever of fob into green area. 

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